Dolan Kia is a certified Kia lease-end return center in the Reno, NV area. Whether you leased a Kia from our Reno dealership or you're bringing to us a Kia leased out-of-state, you can have your lease contract terminated here when it expires. While the lease-end return process might prove stressful for some, we want to ensure your experience remains as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Let us briefly go over with you what the Kia lease return process will look like at Dolan Kia Reno, NV.

Return Your Lease with Ease

Before your Kia lease agreement expires, you should receive a detailed packet from Kia financial services with a guide on the lease-end process. In the packet, you will find examples of what constitutes proper "wear-and-tear." Some normal scratches, dents, and dings might be deemed acceptable, but anything larger or more extensive must get fixed before you return the leased car. Failure to address damages to the car could result in financial penalties, possibly more so than the cost of repairs. When you arrive to return your leased car, our service center will give the vehicle a detailed inspection to confirm its condition.

After you return the car and your lease contract is finished, our Kia finance center near Carson City, NV will break down your best options moving forward. Most shoppers may choose to make a new Kia lease in Reno, using our handy payment calculator. However, if you decide you liked the car you leased, you can talk to our team about the best ways to pay off the remaining costs of the car.

Return Your Lease Today

When your Kia lease in Carson City, NV concludes, schedule an appointment vast Dolan Kia to learn more about your best options moving forward. Return your Kia lease to us in Reno, NV, today!