Kia is one of the top brands of affordable vehicles because they offer an excellent blend of value, reliability, and style with each new car. So what can shoppers near Reno, NV expect to find in the current 2020 Kia lineup? Let's take a look at the sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs that are now available at Dolan Kia, located just a short drive outside Carson City, NV.

Kia Sedans

Dolan Kia currently has six new sedans available for purchase or lease in Reno, NV. The most affordable sedan is the Kia Rio, a subcompact sedan that offers a high fuel economy rating and one of the lowest starting prices of any vehicle in America. Next up is the compact Kia Forte; this popular model offers lots of standard features and a good amount of space for its class. Moving up to the mid-size sedan, there is the popular Kia Optima, which offers lots of value and great style for its price. For those who want performance, there is the mid-size Kia Stinger Sportback sedan, which impresses speed enthusiasts with excellent acceleration and great looks.

Moving up to the large size sedan, there is the Cadenza, which provides lots of premium features and an upscale appearance. Finally, there is the iconic Kia K900, a luxury sedan that offers features you might not otherwise find in a competing sedan at this low sticker price.

Kia Hatchback

Kia currently offers one hatchback in their lineup: the Kia Rio five-door. This subcompact hatchback offers a little more space than the Kia Rio sedan and an excellent starting price.

Kia SUVs

Kia has become a big player in the SUV segment with six offerings. There is the subcompact Kia Soul that offers a surprisingly high roofline and excellent fuel economy. Moving up to the compact SUV segment, there is the Kia Seltos, the Kia brand's newest SUV that offers lots of style and great value. Kia's second small SUV is the popular Kia Sportage, which adds a sportier edge to the small SUV segment.

One of the most fuel-efficient SUV in the 2020 Kia lineup is the Kia Niro, a small hybrid SUV that presents a great choice for growing families with its large interior space and fuel savings. In the mid-size SUV segment, the Kia offers the popular three-row Kia Sorento. With the Sorento, you get an excellent amount of passenger and cargo space plus a long list of standard features. Finally, there is the full-size Kia Telluride, one of the most capable large SUVs available today that offers amazing space and off-road power.

Kia Minivans

Kia currently offers one minivan in its lineup: the popular Kia Sedona. This minivan brings three rows of seating, lots of tech/safety features, and an excellent starting price. The Sedona is not only one of the most value-packed minivans on the market it is also one of the most stylish.

Kia Hybrids and Electrics

Kia takes on the world of hybrids and electrics with an amazing selection in their alternative fuel lineup. The Kia Optima mid-size sedan comes available as the Optima Hybrid, and allows drivers to have excellent fuel economy along with the traditional body shape of this sedan. The Kia Optima also offers an ingenious plug-in hybrid model, providing a great option for those who want to avoid using a fuel station as much as possible.

Next up is the Niro Plug-In Hybrid, which allows you to plug in the vehicle from the comfort of your own home or a charging station near Carson City, NV. Kia has one pure electric vehicle in their current lineup: the Niro EV. This all-electric crossover is priced well under the competition and allows their owners the freedom of never having to depend on frequent stops to the gas station.

Interested in test driving a brand-new Kia? Then you will want to visit Dolan Kia in Reno, NV where have a top selection of all 2020 Kia models near the Carson City, NV area. Visit us today!