Keeping your vehicle in top condition requires much attention. However, the needs of a vehicle are not always visible and apparent. Visiting Tom Dolans' Reno Kia to have maintenance and repair services completed is better than going to an independent mechanic who is not well-versed on the Kia way. A Kia certified service technician not only will keep your engine running well but also limit the impact of budget-busting repair expenses.

Here are the top seven reasons why:

1. Kia Warranties

Kia’s warranties provide several benefits that not only ensure that your vehicle will be maintained appropriately but also serviced by one of Kia’s skilled service technicians. The servicing covers warranties such as:

In short, strict adherence to the warranty means maintaining regularly scheduled maintenance.

  • The basic warranty: it is a 60,000-mile five-year warranty. It does not include scheduled maintenance, damage to the exterior or normal wear and tear.
  • The anti-perforation warranty: this 100,000-mile five-year warranty covers the vehicle in case of corrosion.
  • Roadside assistance guarantee: this 60,000-mile five-year plan ensures that assistance is on the way in case of breakdowns.
  • Powertrain warranty: this 100,000-mile 10-year warranty protects against any defects related to the powertrain.

2. Kia Trained Mechanics

Kia’s specially trained mechanics undergo specialized training specific to Kia. When a Kia vehicle comes for servicing, a Kia certified service specialist assesses the vehicle. Securing the proper diagnosis of a car problem is the most challenging assessment of a mechanic. So, taking your Kia to an independent mechanic is not good. After the proper diagnosis by a Kia specialist, repairing the automobile is easy.

3. Parts and Tools

When servicing your vehicle at a Kia dealership, Kia reassures its customers that the most up-to-date tools and equipment are used during maintenance and repairs. Therefore, through offering Kia certified service, confidence is had by the customer that only Kia’s genius parts are used on their vehicle. On the other hand, independent mechanics are susceptible to using secondhand or off-brand parts and are less inclined to know how to fix a serious issue properly.

4. Kia Tools for Diagnostic Assessments

With Kia servicing technicians, the proper diagnostic equipment is used, which nets accurate assessments. In the case of the independent mechanic, free assessments based on dashboard indicators may result in an incorrect vehicle diagnosis. The minimization of errors and unauthorized repairs comes when using the proper Kia diagnostic tools.

5. Service for Older Modeled Kia Vehicles

The further you get from the manufacturing date of your vehicle, identifying parts become challenged. The impact is minimized when allowing the Kia certified service technicians to view and assess your older Kia. The more experienced Kia technicians know which genius parts to use. Additionally, a senior technician will quickly repair the vehicle correctly the first time. A Kia dealership assures the customer that a trained technician is coming to the rescue.

6. Hospitality

During the servicing wait at a Kia dealership, Kia offers impeccable hospitality, which includes a seated waiting room filled with adequate niceties. In some instances, television, magazines and soft drinks come as standard. Therefore, there is no need to hitch a ride home.

7. Capped Price Servicing

Kia offers a Capped Price Service program. The Capped Price Service program provides full disclosure of the maximum out-of-pocket expense per service based on estimated repairs that are outside of the warranty. The program eliminates surprise budget-busting expenses.

Schedule Your Kia Service Appointment at Tom Dolan's Reno Kia

When it comes to your Kia, your vehicle is serviced by a Kia skilled service technician who only uses genius parts and tools. Although warranties eventually expire, Kia service coupons are available to reduce expenditures to you, the customer. Whether your Kia is young or old, Kia certified service techs keep your Kia running like new. Contact Tom Dolan's Reno Kia and get your vehicle serviced today.

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