There are many important components in a car like its engine, tires, and brake pads. But what about the battery? After all, it's the battery that gets everything up and running. When you turn your key in the ignition, your battery sends an electrical current to the starter, which fires up the engine. So, you guessed it, without a functional battery, your car isn't going anywhere. If you've ever experienced a car that failed to start, it was most likely due to a dead battery. While a car battery is rechargeable, eventually, it will require a replacement.

At the certified service center at Dolan Kia, you can order a new battery, and have it installed in your Kia Sportage by one of our factory-trained technicians. To avoid getting stranded with a non-start battery, keep up with recommended auto maintenance, which includes battery care.

Importance of Testing and Replacing Your Car Battery

As we said, without the strength of your battery, no electric jolt will reach the starter, which in turn, will never power up your engine. You can see why maintaining your car battery is one of the more important tasks associated with routine auto maintenance. At Dolan Kia, you can schedule an appointment to have your battery tested. We highly recommend doing this before winter and spring since more radical changes in temperatures cause your battery to much work harder.

For most brands, including Kia, you should replace a car's battery every three to five years. Talking to a certified service technician and receiving regular battery tests will help you know when to invest in a new battery. If you're wondering about warning signs for replacing your battery, here are a few red flags to watch out for:

  • Your engine takes longer than normal to start up
  • The case of your car's battery appears bloated
  • You have a battery leak that's emitting a foul odor
  • You've used the same battery for over three years

If you've noticed any of these warning signs recently, schedule a visit at your Reno Kia dealer. Even if you haven't noticed a swollen battery case or sluggish engine crank, our service technicians will always be willing to perform a quick test just for your peace of mind.

Buy Your New Kia Battery at Your Reno Parts Center

If it's time to install a new battery under the hood of your Kia Forte, buy your replacement at Dolan Kia. We run a parts center that stocks all the vital auto parts that your Kia will need while you own it. From tires to brake pads to batteries, we have it all in Reno, NV. It's better to buy your replacement battery at Dolan Kia than a place that sells generic, cheap auto parts. Why? Because we offer genuine parts manufactured by the same engineers that built Kia cars and SUVs. That means that the battery you buy will fit your Kia Soul perfectly.

Order Your Battery and Schedule Your Replacement Today

You can request a new battery by contacting our parts department online. Once your battery arrives, you can bring your Kia Sorento to your Reno service facility to have one of our factory-trained service technicians install it. We even offer parts specials that may help you save on your new Kia battery. If you have questions about ordering a new battery or scheduling a service appointment, feel free to reach out to your Dolan Kia service team via phone or by sending a message on our contact us page.

Keep your battery in strong working order by having it tested at your Dolan Kia service center in Reno today.

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