The Best Warranty on the Market Plus Customer-Focused Service Means a Great Experience for You at Dolan Kia

When you visit Dolan Kia for your next car or SUV, you’ll experience the Dolan Difference first hand. But what is the Dolan Difference? And what does it have to do with the warranty you’ll receive on your new Kia model? Overall, it means a great customer experience that keeps your best interests in mind both while you’re here and after you drive away in a new Kia car or SUV.

What is the Dolan Difference?

The Dolan Difference is our customer-centric approach to automotive sales, in an industry that can seem to be largely full of pushy and overbearing salespeople. Our product specialists earn a salary, not a commission. This means that your experience with our team will be completely focused on your needs, not on hitting a metric or forcing out a sale. We’ll listen to you, assess your needs and wants, and make recommendations based on what will work best for you, not what will earn the most money.

We also guarantee a fair price on every vehicle we sell based on a current market analysis. You’ll be guaranteed a fair price from day one, no negotiation required.

Finally, we’ll talk you through all of the features of your new Kia and show you how to use them before you leave the lot. Rather than guessing what all those buttons and switches are for, a member of our team will show you, and let you get familiar with them before you’re off on your own.

What is the New Kia Warranty?

Simply put, the new Kia warranty is the best in the business. At 10 years and 100,000 miles, your new Kia is covered for longer than nearly any other car or SUV available on the market today. That peace of mind is not only good for you as a driver, but it also shows that Kia is committed to standing by their product, so you can too.

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