What is the Difference Between Understeer and Oversteer?

Among statistics involving traffic accidents, you will find understeer and oversteer in the cause section. These two unfortunate dynamics of auto driving care not for what the driver wants. They are not the result of driver error. Indeed, once drivers find themselves in an understeer or oversteer situation, they become passengers on a runaway vehicle.

The term understeer describes a phenomenon that develops when the vehicle steers at less than an angle than the driver commands through the steering wheel. Oversteer is just the opposite. During an oversteer episode, the car makes a sharper turn than the driver commands. When you are driving around town and you detect the slight lapse in steering control, it is time to have the matter checked.

At Dolan Kia we check your vehicle for signs of understeer and oversteer and correct the problem. These issues are not something you can leave till later.



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