Tailgating Tips for a Great Party!

Tailgating with friends is a great way to bond before or after the game. We at Dolan Kia want to be sure that your event is great by offering these tips to help keep tailgating stress free.

Prepare as much as possible the day prior to tailgating, so you can just load your coolers and be on your way the next day. A to-do list will help you keep all of your preparations going quickly and you will be less likely to forget items.

Things to include that most tailgaters forget are labels for coolers, balloons for your truck, two sets of tongs, a metal bucket for coals, and a plastic tub for dirty dishes. A hand washing station is a great plus when working the grill.

While you are in Reno, stop by to get your vehicle serviced at our dealership before your tailgating event!



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