Check Your Belts Before Problems Arise

Most belts and hoses are relatively inexpensive. However, if they deteriorate and fail, your car can often suffer extensive damage. It is very important to have your car's belts and hoses checked on a regular basis. There are two belts that are of special importance.

The serpentine belt is the main belt in your vehicle that allows for the operation of many of your vehicle's most important components. When this belt appears cracked in any portion, or if it has started to fray around the edges, it is time for that belt to be replaced. The timing belt is toothed. It allows the timing of the engine to remain synchronized. If this belt goes out, your engine may suffer damage.

If you live in Reno, and you haven't had your car's belts and hoses checked for awhile, make an appointment with Dolan KIA to have them checked today. Experienced technicians can replace worn belts and hoses.


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