Know the Aspect Ratio of Your Tires

Having the correct tire size means that your speedometer actually reflects the correct speed. Most drivers don’t realize that changing the size of the tire without taking into consideration the recommendations of the car manufacturer could alter how the speedometer projects the speed of the car. Let the Dolan Kia team help you find a suitable tire replacement from our Reno, NV dealership.

Each tire has a unit that represents the aspect ratio, which is also defined as the height of the sidewall. Normally, the aspect ratio is written as a percentage of the width of the tire. For instance, if the aspect ratio is 45, then it means the height of the sidewall is 45% of the width of the tire.

Get to learn more about tire sizes by talking to one of our specialists at our Kia service center in Reno. We will be happy to assist you when you come to choose the right tire size for your car, and we'll even advise on what to check when changing your car tires.

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